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Gatchy 명함 이미지

Terms and Conditions

Article 1 [Purpose of the contract] This contract is for the service user to entrust GATCHY with the photography service in relation to the photo shoot, and the customer and GATCHY conduct the business. It is a contract that promises time, place, etc. The service user has received sufficient consultation about the service provided by GATCHY and made a final decision after being fully aware of it.

Article 2 【Consent to provide information】 GATCHY may request information and materials for efficient service provision from service users, and service users agree to provide information. GATCHY prohibits the use of the provided service user information for purposes other than service provision.

Article 3 【Reservation Deposit】 In principle, the down payment is 50% of the filming fee, and in principle, the deposit must be made within 24 hours after making a reservation on the website. Reservation is confirmed according to the order of deposit in advance. If the reservation cannot be confirmed due to the delayed payment order of the service user and there is no alternative shooting time, the deposit will be refunded. Service users may receive a refund for the date specified on the website.

Article 4 【Invalidation of Contract】 When the contract application form is falsely written or sufficient information for service provision is not provided (+Refer to Article 2. Information provision agreement) When the deposit time has been exceeded (+Article 3. Refer to the down payment) Based on the above, GATCHY may cancel the contract application, which means that the contract between GATCHY and the customer has become invalid.

Article 5 【Schedule Confirmation】 GATCHY confirms the fact of the schedule contract to the service user by confirming the service user's submission of the contract application and deposit of the down payment, and confirming the date, time, and place where the service user wants to receive the service.

Article 6 【Establishment of contract】 If information for service provision, deposit, and filming schedule are confirmed, it means that a direct service provision contract relationship has been established between GATCHY and the customer.

Article 7 【Cancellation of contract】 GATCHY may terminate the contract due to reasons attributable to the service user. Refunds will be made in full except for. However, if you re-book within 1 month, the consultation and cancellation fee will be refunded.

Article 8 【Cancellation】 If the contract is canceled due to reasons attributable to the customer, a penalty will be incurred, so decide carefully before signing the contract.

- 70% of the reservation amount can be refunded if the contract is canceled up to 15 days before the filming date when the contract is confirmed.

- 50% of the reservation amount can be refunded if the contract is canceled up to 7 days before the contract is confirmed.

- The deposit is non-refundable 7 days prior to the filming date when the contract is confirmed. - It is not possible to cancel the contract for reasons attributable to the customer from 5 days before the shooting date, and the shooting fee is non-refundable.

However, it is possible to transfer or change the date to another person only up to 15 days before the filming date when the contract is confirmed, and the composition of the product does not change. The scope of the change of the shooting date is readjusted within one week from the shooting date, and a consultation and schedule fee of KRW 50,000 is charged.

Article 9 【Original preservation】 GATCHY stores the data of service users for one month after transmission to the customer. Service users must back up their data after receiving the product, and may receive necessary measures if data is lost or there is a problem with the product within 1 month of receipt.

You can re-request the original file up to 2 months from the date of shooting. However, the original file is no longer provided after 2 months from the date of shooting.

However, when a customer requests to destroy the original or amended version, the original and amended version will be destroyed immediately, and the original will not be provided after the request for destruction.

Article 10 【Correction work】

Correction work consists of GATCHY signature color correction and precise correction (human body correction).

For color correction, only color is corrected, and for precise correction, human body correction is additionally performed after color correction.

Precision calibration is adjusted in three steps. Detail correction and wedding correction will incur an additional fee.

Step 1 Color Correction - Signature Color

Step 2 body correction - limbs, skin blemish removal, natural body correction

3-step detail correction - refers to detailed corrections such as face shaping, skin tone, tooth color, tattoo removal, etc.

4 steps wedding correction - natural dress fit, dress tone, detailed body correction

A correction file must be applied for within 1 month of receiving the original file, and it is not possible to request a correction after 1 month has elapsed.

A request for correction of a delivered photo can be made only if the defect of the photo is clear even if a third party sees it. In addition, the decision to modify the correction file can only be requested within one week from the time the service user receives the product. Re-correction requests cannot be made after 1 week, and additional charges will be incurred for re-correction requests.

Article 11 【Compensation Regulations】 In accordance with the Consumer Damage Compensation Regulations, in the event of an accident due to the loss of the original film, the full amount of the filming fee will be refunded.

If more than 50% of the shooting time is lost, 100% of the shooting amount will be compensated.

If less than 50% of the filming time is lost, 50% of the filming amount will be compensated. In addition, all contents that occurred due to a simple change of mind, dissatisfaction with the photo style, or problems at the shooting site (weather, natural disaster, unspecified event, accident, health of service users), etc. are excluded from refund and other compensation.

Article 12 【Copyright and right of portrait】 The copyright of all photos taken belongs to GATCHY, and the right to portrait of the service user is the right of the service user. GATCHY can post all photos of the product on its website (, blog, Instagram, Facebook, and other SNS, and can protect the portrait right of the product upon customer request.

※ All product contracts for GATCHY are made after confirming the consent process to these shooting terms and conditions, and all products contracted are considered to have agreed to the shooting terms and conditions.


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